Silverado and Sierra Transfer Case Fluid Change and DIY Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your 4×4’s transfer case is always a good idea. If you own a Sierra or Silverado pickup that has the push button 4 wheel drive transfer case, also known as “AutoTrak”, watch my video below to see what is involved with changing out the fluid.  Its a good idea to do this every 50,000 miles.  

If you purchased the vehicle used, as I did, I suggest changing it asap. In my case, the previous owner had the wrong type of fluid in the transfer case.  If you have an Auto trak 4 wheel drive system (the one with a button at the top that lets you put it in 4 wheel drive “auto” mode) Make sure you only use the Auto Trak II transfer case fluid.  Using anything else can cause the auto 4 wheel drive mode to not work properly.  

Here is a link to order the correct AutoTrak II fluid:

Here is my video showing what I did to change the fluid in my 2005 Silverado 1500

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