Silverado Transmission Fluid Flush and Fill DIY

I finally got around to changing the transmission fluid and filter on the 2005 Silverado.  Not sure if it was ever done since I was the 2nd owner.  After seeing the previous owner had the incorrect transfer case fluid in the truck, I made sure to change the transmission fluid as well to be safe. Truck has just over 90k on it, so it was due!  Check out my video which shows how I dropped the transmission pan, and replace the filter, as well as flush out most of the old fluid. This should apply to most GM light trucks built from 1999-2005 with the 4L60e transmission.

Its a messy job, but if you follow my instructions, you can minimize the mess, and the frustration!  I will list links to some of the things that made the job go easier here:

Here’s the link to the transmission drain funnel I used. This thing is a lifesaver!:


Here’s a link to the GM transmission fluid you want, and much cheaper than at the dealership!:


Here’s a link to get some of the Kano Kroil penetrating lubricant I used in the video. This is bar none, the best thing for anything rusted! I have tried them all, and it puts them all to shame:

Finally, checkout my you tube video showing how I performed the transmission filter change and flush:

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