Fluid Film Product Review

This stuff is a lifesaver! I purchased a gallon a couple years ago in a kit that came with the spray applicator gun. I just ordered a 2nd gallon. When I first got it, i applied it under all of my cars before winter. It is non toxic, made of some type of lanolin, and contains no solvents. It won’t evaporate or dry from the surface. Once applied, it leaves a wet, non drying film that will provide long term corrosion protection on all metal parts, and also lubricates all moving parts.  The biggest benefit of using a non-petroleum based product, is that it won’t harm any of your rubber hoses or door seals. If you use an oil based product, you have to be very careful not to get it on anything made of rubber (good luck with that on a car!).

If you live anywhere in the country where roads get salted during the winter, this can add years of life to your vehicle. I recently purchased a snow plow for my truck, and will be giving it a good coat of this before I use it, and after each storm I plan on power washing it and putting another coat on.

You can even buy a kit to spray it into your doors, and other hard to reach places. Comes with rubber plugs in case you have to drill holes anywhere to insert the nozzle. I will also note, it has a pleasant smell as well, so your car wont stink after application. You can also apply it with a brush to smaller parts, or places you don’t want to spray it on. Recomend you apply it every year before the snow starts to protect your investment!

You can click the image below to order a kit from Amazon. I’ll be putting a video up soon to show how I apply it with the spray gun and air compressor. Once you have the kit you can just order additional fluid film to use every year.

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