2008 Cadillac STS Coil and Spark Plug replacement

I was having an issue with my 2008 Cadillac STS stuttering and jerking while driving at highway speed. I first thought the transmission was having problems. Fortunately this was not the case. After this went on for a few weeks, the car finally threw an check engine light, which pointed to a bad coil pack.

I figured since I had to replace it, I might as well replace them all, and get some new spark plugs at the same time. Doing this myself cost about 160 bucks for everything. If I’d have taken it to the “Stealership”, I”m sure it would have cost about 1500.00 or more. Once I was done, the car ran like new again, and it only took about an hour to do everything!

To see how I did it, check the video below. To order the coil packs, or spark plugs, click the images below:

Spark Plugs (You will need 6 or 8 total, depending on if you have a v6 or v8 engine):
ACDelco 41-988 Professional Iridium Spark Plug (Pack of 1)

Coil Packs:
Set of 6 Ignition Coils for CTS Rendezvous SRX STS fits C1508 / D510A / UF375 / UF-375

Here’s my you tube video showing how I did it:

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